Different display types
Choose how the quiz will be displayed to users: as steps or a demonstration of progress, vertically or horizontally
Results depending on the answer
Configure the final stage of the quiz depending on the answers. Choose what the user will receive — a promo code, a discount, sending an application, or just the result опроса
Mailing services
Connect SMS and email mailing services to automatically add numbers and email addresses to the existing mailing databases, without interrupting interaction with the client for any минуту
Applying your own styles
Don't limit yourself to templates and built-in design tools: use your site's own CSS styles for design квиза
Integration with CRM and messengers
This will allow you to set up automatic sending to the necessary platforms, simplify the work of managers and sort data, find out about applications in real time
The concept of access rights
Define access levels for individual employees or groups. Assign one of the four roles to responsible users to distribute team responsibilities among groups сайтов
Visual editor
Create, edit and format the look and content of the quiz so that it perfectly matches the goals of your site
Adding images
Make the quiz attractive to users: complete each step with a suitable picture or attach the company logo
Application processing
A convenient built-in CRM system will simplify the work with requests. Change statuses and keep a history of comments for each client

Examples of forms, questionnaires and forms

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