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QForm allows you to create a form, quiz and video widget on the site without development skills - through a simple and friendly interface

Unlike other services, we do not limit our users in the functionality or number of sites, applications. Our free quiz and form builder is a simple and powerful tool for any business.


How to insert a form into a website

Create Form

Customize fields

Embed code on your site

Application processing system

Internal mini-CRM is ready to work without additional settings.

The system allows you to process and sort user applications from any forms and sites. They come to CRM in real time, and assigned operators work with them, changing the status of requests and maintaining a comment thread for each client.

CRM records all relevant statistics on requests for the convenience of analytics and processing of requests. Integrations are also provided - you can connect mailing systems and other CRMs to QForm, set up sending applications to social networks and email.


Form Builder

A simple technology for creating forms of various types will allow you to do without development and save time.

The tool offers all the blocks and fields you need: date and time buttons, text lines, radio buttons, checkboxes, file upload, and more.

Form Builder
  • x Drag fields
  • x Place the form on the site
  • x Choose your design
  • x Receive applications and responses

Quiz constructor

Service for creating multi-page online forms for surveys and tests. The format increases the trust of visitors, involves them in sharing their needs.

Quizzes are successfully used in marketing and education. The result of the test for each user will be different, depending on his answers. The last step can be supplemented with a discount or a bonus.

Quiz constructor
  • x Think of a list of questions
  • x Copy and paste the code
  • x Set up step logic
  • x Attract customers

Video widget

Module for easy embedding of videos and reviews on websites. With it, you can add video greetings, reviews, new product announcements, live stories, and company reviews to the page.

Video increases trust in the brand and product, and the familiar format attracts social media users.

Video widget
  • x Record a video
  • x Customize for your site
  • x Create a widget with it
  • x Track analytics


The service allows you to create a feedback form or a quiz even without a website. You customize the form according to your requests and get a link. It can be shared with friends and clients on social networks or popular instant messengers.

Users will be able to fill out the form in the same way as on a regular site.

  • x Create a form or quiz
  • x Share it in messengers and social networks
  • x Copy link
  • x Process applications
Understanding the QForm service is very simple, but
we can do this job for you!

Comfort for the team

The QForm web form builder frees programmers from routine and minor tasks.

It is possible to separate access rights to sites in the service, which is convenient for large teams with different areas of responsibility.

Assign an administrator or guest to manage access to the customer base and send notifications. You choose who you want to assign the collection of received applications to eliminate errors and increase productivity.

Send invitations

Create groups

Assign Roles