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QForm creates feedback for the needs of any business: classic call-back, application forms, booking questionnaires, orders and much more. The QForm widget is a powerful and simple business tool that allows you to collect applications, survey visitors, and study the opinion of the audience
Creating forms
The functionality of the service will allow you to quickly create and customize feedback for the desired goals. The toolbar contains all the necessary elements and types of form fields: text and numeric strings, date and time selection, drop-down lists and the rest. You can use feedback forms made on the constructor without a website
Drag and Drop
Dragging blocks is the easiest way to make any shape in a couple of seconds in a convenient editor. The finished result is embedded in the right place of the site with one simple code
You can check the form before it gets to the site page. The constructor displays the feedback form online and allows you to change its appearance and contents on the fly
QForm integrates with key CRM, mailing services, messengers. This simplifies working with transactions, allows you to keep online records, send emails and SMS to the collected database
Design and styles
Flexible settings make it possible to customize the appearance of feedback using QForm or adjust it to an existing design. Customize ready-made templates or connect your CSS styles
Notifications about applications are configured by mail, messengers or CRM and come in real time. It is also convenient to control managers: a notification will be sent if the request remains unanswered for too long
Processing and analysis of responses from the form
Users leave applications on the site that can be processed in an internal mini-CRM. The application has application processing statuses and the ability to comment and share access rights. You can organize the work of managers and maintain a customer database without third-party programs

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