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Use QForm to create a variety of feedback forms: pop-ups, multi-page, without a website, etc. Assemble the form in various areas and design options in the n-drop drag-and-drop constructor. Add a form to any website in a few minutes and collect calls in CRM or qform personal account:

The QForm service has:

  • Achieving goals and sending metrics
  • Using your own CSS styles
  • Using Captcha
  • Data verification
  • Convenient constructor and much more
QForm Constructor Settings

Make a form feedback

Set up a form for receiving communication and receive information from the user in this format:

For this:

Register in QForm and add your website

Adding a website to the QForm service

Create a form and give it a name.

Name of the form in QForm

In design mode, set "name", "email address". Make them mandatory:
Drag the "text (paragraph)" field to enter comments

QForm Feedback Fields

Customize the design of the form elements, its width, margin checking, latch protection, etc.

Registration of fields in the QForm service

Click the insert code tab
Copy the DIV to insert the form, and the script to invoke it, paste it into the site

After installing the code, a created feedback form will appear on the site:


Adding a script to a website

Get Started Now

Create an unskippable form

Advantages of feedback form on QForm

Built-in pop-up form system

Application Management

Changing statuses, filtering, exporting to Excel in one place using internal CRM

File upload function

Ability to upload files

All data will be available for download in the user's personal account.

QForm Features: Rights integration

Groups and distribution of access rights

Create user groups and assign roles depending on who can process personal data

qform features: customize notifications

App Notifications

Set up notifications according to a given template to all the necessary recipients by mail, Telegram or Vkontakte