Application form

The application collection form for any sites and purposes is simple, free, functional

Internet connection

Example of an application form for a website

Getting a promo

Example of the application form for the site 2

Registration for training

Example of the application form for the website 3

Car rental

Example of an application form for a website 4

Loan form

example of the application form for the site 5

Registration form

example of the application form for the site 6

Create simple and functional application forms through the QForm service. Set the fields in a convenient constructor and start collecting applications with or without a website.

The QForm service has:

  • Data processing in your own CRM
  • Groups and access rights for users
  • Sending the achievement of goals to analytics
  • Spam protection and much more
QForm Constructor Settings

Making a application form

Create an application form, post it on the website and start collecting customers

For this:

Register on QForm and add your website


Create a form and give it a name. It is displayed only in QForm

Form Name

Switch to the constructor mode, add and configure the field types as follows:

For convenience, the "Name" and "Phone" fields can be placed in one line

Formation of fields

Put the "Date" and "Time" fields and specify the minimum and maximum values in the settings

Editing Fields

Drag the "One from the list" field and specify the options in the settings. Add any necessary fields at your discretion, for example, payment type

Next, rename the submit button, for example, "Leave a request"

Setting up fields in QForm

Go to the "Embed Code" tab
Copy the DIV to install the form and the script to call it, paste it on the site

After installing the code, a created application form will appear on the site

Script Introduction

Get Started Now

Create an unskippable form

Advantages of the application form on QForm

CRM Applications


Process applications in your QForm personal account, change their statuses and add comments.

Adaptive display in the QForm service

Field Constructor

All the necessary elements in a convenient drag-n-drop constructor

QForm Features: Rights integration

Connecting external services

Set up the sending of applications and notifications with Bitrix24 CRM, Telegram and VKontakte messenger, Sendpulse mail service, Sigma SMS service

CSS styles in the qform service

Your CSS

Make the form unique by using your own CSS styles. To access the elements, use the ready-made QForm classes or set your own in the field settings


Javascript events

Configure sending goals to analytics systems and set additional JS code to perform the action after submitting the form